Peasants from La Via Campesina join the World Social Forum opening march

The 11th- World Social Forum is being held in Dakar-Senegal right now. On February 5th, La Via Campesina’s delegate’s message for the forum is to address climate change and violence against women.


This first day of the World Social Forum was exhilarating for all the delegates, though the 5 kilometer walk under the Senegalese sun was just a small foreshadowing of the effort it will take to truly prove, over the next 5 days, that “another world is possible.”

One of the principal messages that La Via Campesina came to share in the march, and in the forum more generally, was, “Farmers of the world against land grabbing: land for those who work the land and feed the world,” as one of their banners exclaimed. This theme will be developed through various workshops that La Via Campesina will host throughout the forum.

“Today was inspiring—the number of people, the countries they represented, the solidarity we felt, and the willingness of people to create change; to support each other,” said Bigambo Ladslaw from Tanzania, La Via Campesina delegate. José Mateus, delegate from Mozambique, added, “Today was extremely positive. The exchanges with organizations were great, and the long march reflected the strength of the efforts we all take to work and organize.”

Via Campesina delegates with banner (

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