Banro Corporation SLAPP Suit for $5 Million


The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear the motion of Éditions Ecosociété and the book Noir Canada,  to give back to Quebec the proceedings instituted against them by Banro Corporation in the Superior Court of Ontario. The book Noir Canada, written by Allain Deneault, Delphine Abbadie and William Sacher discusses the role of various Canadian corporations in Africa, based on information provided by the UN and research by NGOs such as Human Rights Watch.

Éditions Ecosociété and the authors of Noir Canada argue that Ontario is not the appropriate jurisdiction to prosecute the architects of the book who work in Quebec and who do their work in French. A few dozen copies of Noir Canada only were distributed in Ontario. Banro Corporation for its part is registered in Toronto but exploits no mine in the province and has several foreign administrators.


Read full article here.


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