Canada: Demand Return of Ex-Child Soldier from Guantanamo

Human Rights Watch is calling on the Canadian government to bring home Canadian citizen and former child soldier, Omar Khadr, from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre, despite the Supreme Court ruling that the government was not obliged to repatriate him.

Read the Human Rights Watch full article.


1 Response to “Canada: Demand Return of Ex-Child Soldier from Guantanamo”

  1. 1 flipper March 17, 2010 at 17:23

    As usual,you got your facts wrong,even the title was misleading..Khadr is a trained Jihadist ,very adept at asssembling and planting IEDs,you must have missed the video…Khadr was a freelance jihadist who,with his family’s permission, went to Afghanistan to wage Jihad against the invading western forces (which also included Canada)…He never was a child soldier,does not fit the definition of one and more germane to this article,is currently occupying a cell in Gitmo.
    Khadr is facing serious crimes and will have his day in court in July of this year…He can then prove his innocence…..
    All his proponents do is rail against this unfair system,the military commissions,the hellhole of Guantanamo prison and the stubborn refusal of our government to re-patriate the terrorist Khadr….
    I have never heard from any Khadr supporter that this person is innocent,that question is never brought up….
    We all know that Khadr’s legal team have no defence,they have stalled for years in the hope that their client would somehow be freed and NOT have to face trial..It hasn’t worked.Despite Khadr’s legal teams best efforts,he will get his day in court….
    I contend that by making these IEDs,planting them roadside (for only 1 purpose) he has SELF-EMANCIPATED himself…Do adult crimes,you are now considered an ADULT and are responsible in a court of law….

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