Debate Over Canada’s Bill C-300 Rages On: An Effectual Step Forward Or Another Toothless Regulation?

Liberal Member of Parliament John McKay has put forth Bill C-300, an initiative which would give the Canadian federal government the ability to investigate allegations of human rights and environmental violations levied against mining companies. If found guilty of violating federal standards, a company would face economic repercussions in the form of federal government funding cuts.

While many human rights activists cite the bill as an invaluable step forward in the incremental struggle for legal reform, others contend that C-300 would do little to restructure the fundamental inequalities that privilege the economic rights of corporations over the individual and community rights of citizens.

Find out more about Bill C-300 and the debate surrounding it.


1 Response to “Debate Over Canada’s Bill C-300 Rages On: An Effectual Step Forward Or Another Toothless Regulation?”

  1. 1 Adam Driedzic June 23, 2010 at 10:36

    I agree with the comments that this bill may be limited but a step forward. It does advance corporate “accountability” rather than “responsibility”. Yet Canada could get a law governing the conduct of its mining industry abroad before addressing the same concerns at home. Current mining-related human rights and environmental problems in Canada include: uranium exploration in Nunavut, the conversion of healthy waterbodies to tailings ponds, government’s attempt to avoid the Miningwatch v. Canada court case by hiding changes to the environmental assessment regime inside the 2010 budget bill, and the cumulative impact of unfettered oil sand expansion.

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